8 Steps-Getting a Preauth Approved

So while this isn't directly coding related and is a little different from the usual stuff on this blog, I thought this might be an important topic to cover for some of you out there. Let me just start by saying, I used to be one of those people who got scared just by the… Continue reading 8 Steps-Getting a Preauth Approved

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6 Tips For Passing Your Medical Coding Course

If you're reading this, you're probably enrolled in a medical coding course--which is awesome! There are a lot of good schools out there. Here is the kicker though--there is just a lot to learn. Most schools don't focus on a specific specialty, so you'll get an overview of everything. On one hand that is great.… Continue reading 6 Tips For Passing Your Medical Coding Course

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Tutoring Services

Are any of you looking for a coding mentor? Some of you might not know this, but a million years ago I graduated from Temple University with my teaching degree. I taught for a while, but to make a really long story short, eventually I wanted a career change, and that is how I got… Continue reading Tutoring Services

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The 1 Minute Coding Lesson Series

Hey All My Coding Friends, I'm happy to announce  a new video series called the "1 Minute Coding Lesson." Each video will be under a minute, and I'll be  talking about all things medical coding. It could be about ICD-10-CM, CPT, guidelines, common get the idea. There will be a new video added every… Continue reading The 1 Minute Coding Lesson Series

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Got Coding Questions?

  First things first, the medical coding world is tough right now. I don't have exact numbers, but many coders in all different specialties are furloughed or laid off due to Covid-19. I'd like to think that most of us will get our jobs back, but that's not really what this post is about. Make… Continue reading Got Coding Questions?

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ICD-10-CM Coding For COVID-19

It's only a matter of time before medical coders will be coding charts that mention COVID-19. The CDC has released info on how to properly code this diagnosis. Go here to read their guidelines.   Midnight Medical Coding Products You Might Be Interested In:   Tabs for the ICD-10-CM Book: Get 60 printed, multi-colored, double-sided… Continue reading ICD-10-CM Coding For COVID-19


5 Weird But Essential Things For Medical Coders

So I've been thinking about all the extra things I use on a daily basis for my job. I'm not talking about coding books or office supplies or anything like that. I'm talking about little things that just make the day a little easier and just more comfortable. Everything included here are products I really… Continue reading 5 Weird But Essential Things For Medical Coders

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Quick Guide: Elements of HPI For E/M Coding

Okay, I'm the first to admit that I don't like coding E/M. When I was first starting out and looking for coding jobs, I would do my best to avoid applying for anything that had any E/M mentioned in the job description. I ultimately lucked out, and got into radiology coding, which I love. Then… Continue reading Quick Guide: Elements of HPI For E/M Coding

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What Is The Difference Between A Medical Coder and a Medical Biller?

If you're in the medical field, or are currently taking a medical coding and billing class, you've no doubt heard the words "medical coder" and "medical biller." You might even think these jobs are the same because the names sound similar. Sometimes (especially in smaller practices) these roles are combined. But even though these positions… Continue reading What Is The Difference Between A Medical Coder and a Medical Biller?


Review of Asus USB Portable Monitor

Well, this isn't specifically about coding, but it's related. Anyone out there use 2 monitors for coding at home? For starters, in case you're wondering but are afraid to ask--No this post does not have affiliate links and I don't "get" anything for writing this. I wanted to write a review on a monitor I… Continue reading Review of Asus USB Portable Monitor