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2 Myths About The Medical Coding Industry

Once upon a time, there were many ads out there for different medical coding schools. I don't want to point out any specific one, but let's just say, I do have a specific one in my head as I'm writing this. This particular ad promised new and potentially new medical coding students 2 things. They… Continue reading 2 Myths About The Medical Coding Industry

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Is Medical Coding a “Dying Career?”

A few days ago I got an email from someone who came across my blog and she asked if me if I thought medical coding was a "dying career." I could see why someone would wonder that. The world is constantly changing. But I gave it some thought-- and the short answer to that is… Continue reading Is Medical Coding a “Dying Career?”

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New Online Course Available

So remember when you were taking medical coding classes--how did you envision your future? Did you think it would be easy to find a job right away? I've talked about this before and I won't name any specific names...but did your school straight up tell you or even imply that you'd walk right into your… Continue reading New Online Course Available

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4 Reasons Why I Am Helping New Coders Get Their First Job in the Healthcare Industry

Some of you may know this already, but I've recently decided to expand Midnight Medical Coding and help new coders get their first job in the healthcare industry. I haven't really explained why I'm doing this though, so today is the day to talk about it 🙂 My main reason for starting this--I've seen over time… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why I Am Helping New Coders Get Their First Job in the Healthcare Industry

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Tutoring Services

Are any of you looking for a coding mentor? Some of you might not know this, but a million years ago I graduated from Temple University with my teaching degree. I taught for a while, but to make a really long story short, eventually I wanted a career change, and that is how I got… Continue reading Tutoring Services