Medical Coding Study Group 3/11/23

Medical Coding Study Group 3/11/23The next medical coding study group is coming up soon and is now available for sign up! This meeting will focus on the Radiology section of the CPT book. There is A LOT of information here, so my goal will be to break everything down and do an overview of this… Continue reading Medical Coding Study Group 3/11/23

Practice Report To Code

Practice Report To Code

For the blog post this week, I thought I'd share a report to code. This is a HIPAA compliant report and does not contain any PHI. Answers included at the bottom. Please feel free to comment or email me at midnightmedicalcoding@gmail.com if you have any questions 🙂     Ok- what do you think the… Continue reading Practice Report To Code


Diagnostic Radiology Coding Questions?

Hey Everyone, For this weeks blog post, I thought I'd have you guys ask me questions. What questions do YOU have about diagnostic radiology coding? It can be about CPT, ICD-10, guidelines etc. Is there anything you'd want me to answer? Please post in the comments below or send me an email at midnightmedicalcoding@gmail.com. I'll… Continue reading Diagnostic Radiology Coding Questions?

Coding Course

My First Day Working As A Medical Coder

On the first day of my first coding job, I didn't know what I was doing. I really didn't. I never coded a real radiology report before. I guess I read a few in my coding classes, but it was something that wasn't focused on. Everything I knew about radiology was just based on my… Continue reading My First Day Working As A Medical Coder


Coding Challenge 6

Please read the report below and code the CPT and the ICD-10-CM Code. Please keep in mind that these reports are designed to be as realistic as possible, but everything is HIPAA compliant so the information is not real. *For the tomo, please use the HCPCS code. *************************************************************** Procedure- Bilateral Diagnostic Mammogram with Tomo History-… Continue reading Coding Challenge 6


Coding Challenge 5

Please code the ICD-10-CM and CPT code for this report. To check your answers, click the link at the bottom of the report. ABC Hospital Patient Name- Jon Doe Date- 1/1/18 Referring Dr- Dr Smith Exam- US Renal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Procedure- US Renal History- Routine check of renal cysts Technique-2D images Findings- Complete evaluation of the… Continue reading Coding Challenge 5