medical coding study groups

June Medical Coding Study Groups

The June medical coding study groups are now available for sign up! Each session focuses on ICD-10-CM coding questions that are true/false and fill in the blank. Each session is 90 minutes and we meet through Zoom. These are for you if: You are currently enrolled in a medical coding course and would like extra coding practice with… Continue reading June Medical Coding Study Groups


Medical Coding Study Groups For April 2023

Medical Coding Study Groups For April 2023For April, all medical coding study groups will focus on ICD-10-CM coding and we will complete questions as a group. There will be some fill in the blank questions and some multiple choice. You can sign up for 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions. Each session will be different,… Continue reading Medical Coding Study Groups For April 2023

Midnight Medical Coding Stars

Practice Report To Code

Everyone knows that coding takes practice, right? I mean it would be really nice if we just woke up one day, and knew how to code all the different specialties. (I admit I still have nightmares about learning how to code E/M).   Looking back, I remember a teacher I had who used to say,… Continue reading Practice Report To Code

Coding Course

Diagnostic Radiology Online Coding Course

Midnight Medical Coding will be offering an online diagnostic radiology coding course starting in January 2019! This course focuses on x-ray CPT coding. You'll learn the most common codes, how to look them up in the book and you'll practice coding HIPAA compliant reports. The course is done at your own pace and I'm always… Continue reading Diagnostic Radiology Online Coding Course


Coding Challenge 7

Please code the CPT and ICD-10-CM code for this report. This report is HIPAA compliant and does not contain PHI.   Exam- Right hip including pelvis 2-3 views Date- June 4, 2018 #1111222222 Exam-Hip x-ray right including pelvis 2-3 views Clinical History- Right hip pain Comparison- hip x ray 2/4/17 Technique- 2 views of the… Continue reading Coding Challenge 7


Coding Challenge 6

Please read the report below and code the CPT and the ICD-10-CM Code. Please keep in mind that these reports are designed to be as realistic as possible, but everything is HIPAA compliant so the information is not real. *For the tomo, please use the HCPCS code. *************************************************************** Procedure- Bilateral Diagnostic Mammogram with Tomo History-… Continue reading Coding Challenge 6

Youtube tutorial

X-Ray Coding–A Walk-Through With Examples

If you're new to radiology coding, or just want to learn more about it, this is a good video for you to watch. It is a quick 5 minute tutorial where I go over the format of an x ray report and the elements that should be included. There is also a practice report in… Continue reading X-Ray Coding–A Walk-Through With Examples