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Medical Coding Study Group Recently, much to my kids embarrassment, I've been posting videos on TikTok. But I'm not talking about dancing videos or anything like that. I've been posting medical coding videos. Just short videos of me explaining how to find or code or giving advice about the CPC exam. I started a few months… Continue reading Medical Coding Study Group

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How To Code A Diagnostic Radiology Report

Sometimes when people hear that diagnostic radiology coders can code 50+ reports an hour they are taken back for a minute. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but there's many factors to think about how someone can code that fast. For example, do they have an encoder? Are they coding both icd 10… Continue reading How To Code A Diagnostic Radiology Report

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Got Coding Questions?

  First things first, the medical coding world is tough right now. I don't have exact numbers, but many coders in all different specialties are furloughed or laid off due to Covid-19. I'd like to think that most of us will get our jobs back, but that's not really what this post is about. Make… Continue reading Got Coding Questions?

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ICD-10-CM Coding For COVID-19

It's only a matter of time before medical coders will be coding charts that mention COVID-19. The CDC has released info on how to properly code this diagnosis. Go here to read their guidelines.   Midnight Medical Coding Products You Might Be Interested In:   Tabs for the ICD-10-CM Book: Get 60 printed, multi-colored, double-sided… Continue reading ICD-10-CM Coding For COVID-19

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Beginners Guide To Coding Fractures Using ICD-10-CM-Part 2

Ok, as a follow up to last weeks post about 7th character A, for this week I thought I'd talk about 7th character D and more just about fracture coding in general. Here is a pic from my book:   Please see the pic where I have the star. It says 7th character D is… Continue reading Beginners Guide To Coding Fractures Using ICD-10-CM-Part 2