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Overcoming the Top Challenge Faced By New Medical Coders

So the thing that people struggle with the most in my ICD-10-CM medical coding study groups--is understanding the coding guidelines. Now I'm not saying you have to memorize the guidelines or know them off the top of your head completely. There are a lot--general guidelines, inpatient, outpatient, sequencing etc. But the thing is, you need… Continue reading Overcoming the Top Challenge Faced By New Medical Coders

medical coding study groups

June Medical Coding Study Groups

The June medical coding study groups are now available for sign up! Each session focuses on ICD-10-CM coding questions that are true/false and fill in the blank. Each session is 90 minutes and we meet through Zoom. These are for you if: You are currently enrolled in a medical coding course and would like extra coding practice with… Continue reading June Medical Coding Study Groups

medical coding study groups

Medical Coding Study Groups For May

Medical coding is hard to learn. It just is, no matter how you look at it. I mean yes, it is easier if you have a background in healthcare and already understand medical terminology and anatomy. But medical coding is still like learning a new language and it just takes time. There are many different… Continue reading Medical Coding Study Groups For May

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Tutoring Services

Are any of you looking for a coding mentor? Some of you might not know this, but a million years ago I graduated from Temple University with my teaching degree. I taught for a while, but to make a really long story short, eventually I wanted a career change, and that is how I got… Continue reading Tutoring Services