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Tutoring Services

Are any of you looking for a coding mentor?

Some of you might not know this, but a million years ago I graduated from Temple University with my teaching degree. I taught for a while, but to make a really long story short, eventually I wanted a career change, and that is how I got into medical coding. That was over 5 years ago, and I love my auditing job. But, I still really love to teach and help others. So, I’ve decided to expand what I do with Midnight Medical Coding and offer one on one tutoring sessions through Zoom for people still taking their coding classes. This is an opportunity for you to have help with your coding assignments, ask questions, but above all else, have a mentor.

Looking back, I would have loved to have someone help me when I was in school and first starting out. I didn’t know any coders back then, and there just wasn’t as many resources around for people to learn the ropes.

To sign up or for more info–see the calendar below. Price is $25 per session.

4 thoughts on “Tutoring Services”

  1. I could seriously hug you right now!!! 😊 yes I’m definitely interested, It’s very safe to say I am struggling. I am definitely looking forward to getting some help with you as soon as I am back up and running again.

  2. I would so love help with the guidelines with ICD 10. I am so confused on when to use them. I have a test on the 19th

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