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What Is The Difference Between A Medical Coder and a Medical Biller?

If you're in the medical field, or are currently taking a medical coding and billing class, you've no doubt heard the words "medical coder" and "medical biller." You might even think these jobs are the same because the names sound similar. Sometimes (especially in smaller practices) these roles are combined. But even though these positions… Continue reading What Is The Difference Between A Medical Coder and a Medical Biller?

Diagnostic Radiology Coding Basics

New Facebook Group

Hey Everyone, I just started a new Facebook group. This is a public group, open to medical coders or medical coding students and it will focus on diagnostic radiology coding. Please consider joining us there! Here is the link to it  Thanks! Lindsay   Midnight Medical Coding Products You Might Be Interested In:   Learn… Continue reading New Facebook Group

Coding Course

My First Day Working As A Medical Coder

On the first day of my first coding job, I didn't know what I was doing. I really didn't. I never coded a real radiology report before. I guess I read a few in my coding classes, but it was something that wasn't focused on. Everything I knew about radiology was just based on my… Continue reading My First Day Working As A Medical Coder

Coding Course

Diagnostic Radiology Online Coding Course

Midnight Medical Coding will be offering an online diagnostic radiology coding course starting in January 2019! This course focuses on x-ray CPT coding. You'll learn the most common codes, how to look them up in the book and you'll practice coding HIPAA compliant reports. The course is done at your own pace and I'm always… Continue reading Diagnostic Radiology Online Coding Course

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Coding Challenge 5

Please code the ICD-10-CM and CPT code for this report. To check your answers, click the link at the bottom of the report. ABC Hospital Patient Name- Jon Doe Date- 1/1/18 Referring Dr- Dr Smith Exam- US Renal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Procedure- US Renal History- Routine check of renal cysts Technique-2D images Findings- Complete evaluation of the… Continue reading Coding Challenge 5