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Medical Coding Study Group

There is still time to sign up for October’s Medical Coding Study Group! We meet through Zoom and go over ICD-10-CM questions together as a group. There’s true/false questions on the guidelines and fill in the blank coding questions (so you have to navigate through the book and find the correct code).

There are no multiple choice questions. This is because my goal with these groups is to help people learn how to code in real life.

So far over 40 people have participated in the study groups since Feb 2023! Most people are towards the end of their medical coding program, and others have finished and are now  getting ready to take the CPC exam. People have told me that the most beneficial part of the program is just someone walking them through the steps of difficult coding questions.

If you’re currently a medical coding student and would like to work with a real coder/instructor live, then these groups are for you 🙂

GO HERE for more info

Hope to see you there!


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Medical Coding Study Groups

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