Lindsay Della Vella is a Certified Outpatient Coder that wears many hats. Right now she is working as a medical coding auditor in Pennsylvania. She really likes her job, but her first love is teaching. A million years ago, she graduated from Temple University with her teaching degree. She worked as a teacher for a few years before getting married and having her own children. After staying home with them for 10 years, she decided to go back into the workforce, but decided against working in schools, for too many reasons to list in a bio. On a friends recommendation, she looked into medical coding and took classes through Career Step and graduated in 2014. She has the COC certification from AAPC  and loves working as a coder/auditor, but felt a calling to do more. Her love of teaching is still there, so she decided to share her knowledge of diagnostic radiology coding with others, in the hopes of supporting them and helping them reach their full potential.