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How I Wrote My Resume That Led To My First Job In The Healthcare Industry

So I’m just thinking back to how I wrote my resume that ultimately led to my first coding job. I had a general resume to work off of–so I just updated my information/jobs. So it wasn’t too bad. But…my original resume template was from a book that I read. Yes it was from a book because I wrote my resume before the internet. Wow…I can’t even remember the world before the internet lol. But yes, there was such a time, and there wasn’t information readily available then like there is now. I couldn’t just use Google to get ideas. So I learned from a book. The surprising and cool thing is though–not much has changed 🙂

Resumes are still set up the same way with the same sections. It’s still recommended that your resume has key words in it that matches the employers job description. It’s still recommended that you use simple fonts and don’t make your resume look too busy. But what is changed now, is that there are online resume builder tools available and different online templates available that take out some of the guesswork. There are also resume checker tools out there that can see how your resume rates with recruiter preferences and gives your resume a score. So it basically tells you how your resumes looks and gives you a score.

Are you looking for a job right now? If you are, make sure your resume is up to date!

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