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5 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your First Job In The Healthcare Industry

Are you looking for your first job in the healthcare industry? Congrats–that’s a big step! It may not seem like it to you, but think about how far you’ve come. I’m willing to bet that a few years ago, you only dreamed of getting to the point where you are now.

So if you’re looking for a medical coding job, I’m sure you’ve realized that it can be difficult o get.I’m not saying it is impossible. It’s just that many jobs require 2 years experience and if you’re just starting out–you won’t have that yet. So what can you do? Well I would say this: try to keep an open mind. There are many different jobs that you can do. These jobs can act like a stepping stone, and will help you eventually get the job that you want. Do you know what these jobs are? Take a minute, and think about the different jobs you can apply to. But still keep an eye out for coding jobs 🙂 Definitely prepare for those also.

Next–how does your resume look? Is it up to date? If you saw a job today that you wanted to apply to–would your resume be ready? If not, take the time to update it. I know everyone hates writing their resume–but it’s important! Your resume will make the first impression on a potential employer–so make it good 🙂

Ok so now what about LinkedIn? Is your profile up to date? If a potential employer found you on LinkedIn randomly today–would you be happy with the way everything was set up? If not–work on that. Update any info you have on there. Make sure your profile pic is what you want it to be.

Next–how many connections do you have on LinkedIn? Well, it’s not really the number that’s really important–it’s how many relevant connections do you have? Are you taking the time to send connection requests out to other medical coders? Are you following places that you’d eventually like to work at?

Lastly–are you prepared for an interview? There are a million different questions a potential employer can ask you so I know it’s hard to prepare. But what about the common questions–would you be able to answer those? Take some time now to think about that. There’s also much more involved in interview preparation–but that is just the basics. Do you think you’d be able to answer some of the questions?

What else can you do to prepare?

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