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7 Ways To Boost Confidence While Job Searching

I probably don’t even need to say this, but it is difficult to look for a new job. If you are a new coder (or even a seasoned coder) it may be taking longer than you thought to find a job, and this can really affect your confidence.

In October’s Zoom meeting for the Career Catapult Course–I talk about 7 Ways To Boost Confidence While Job Searching. At first I was not going to share these meetings, but then after giving it some thought, I thought why not? (These meetings are not required if you take the class and just provides supplemental info. I’m not sharing the whole meeting–just the presentation part).

Watch the video below!


Some of the things his video talks about:

[0:55] Looking for a job IS a full time job

[1:56] Your job plays an important role in your self esteem

[2:08] Connect with former coworkers on LinkedIn

[2:47] Think of your accomplishments

[3:37] Learn a new skill

[4:40] Conduct a mock interview

And much more!

I hope you enjoy this quick presentation!

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Thanks for reading.






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