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2 Myths About Medical Coding

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the medical coding industry just in general, and I realized there are a lot of myths out there! I could probably name more, but for purposes of this post, I’ll just go over two. Let me just preface this by saying–this is just my opinion ok? Hopefully no one will get upset–these are just my observations.

Ok, first one– I think many people think all medical coders work from home. They think coders can just log in and do work all from the comfort of their couch. I’ve even seen ads where people are working on the beach! While it’s true that some coders work from home–you usually have to have a real office set up, and treat it just the way you would if you were going into the office. You need a real desk, usually more than one monitor. You also have to keep HIPAA in mind–other people in your house can not see the reports you’re working on. The patients personal info is on there, and you have to respect their privacy with that. I can go on and on about this–but really the bottom line is–not all coders work from home. The ones that do usually have been in the field a long time and did not start out that way. I’d even go on to say–if you became a medical coder just to work from home–you’re in for a surprise. But hopefully that is none of you guys 🙂

The next myth is related to this but is a little different. How many people go into the field thinking it will be easy to get a medical coding job right out of the gate? I don’t want to point fingers at any specific school or organization…but there is info out there that can lead people to this conclusion. So I don’t blame people for thinking this. I actually feel bad for them because they may not know what they are getting into. But it is hard to get a medical coding job right away. Is it impossible? No, not completely impossible. There are places to look for a job that are more willing to hire a new coder than other places. But many people have to start off doing a job that is related to coding, but not actually coding, such as billing or working denials. There’s nothing wrong with these types of positions at all and these jobs can lead you to your ultimate goal of becoming a medical coder.

So if you’re looking to get into the field and are struggling– don’t give up. It can take time but ultimately it is worth it. I am putting together an online class for people who have completed their coding classes, and are now looking for a job in the industry. It is not available for purchase yet but I’m sharing my progress just with people who read my blog–so in another words–just with you guys!

So if you’re interested, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the course overview page. From that page, you can enter in your email and I’ll contact you with more info once the course is available.

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