Cervical Spine Radiology CPT Codes

To have a bright future as a medical coder, you have to have a pretty good understanding of anatomy. Bear in mind, you won't have to memorize every little thing. But it is necessary to have at least a basic understanding, and that's the tip of the ice burg really. The more you know, the better coder you'll be.

So, for purposes of this post, we'll just be talking about radiology CPT codes that have to do with the cervical spine. If you need to brush up on cervical spine anatomy, please see this video below.

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Here are some of the common codes used-

X-Rays-72040, 72050, 72052

CT-72125, 72126, 72127

MRI-72141, 72142

There are many more codes that have to do with the cervical spine in the different sections of the CPT book. The ones listed above are commonly used in diagnostic radiology coding.

On the other hand...there are MANY different codes that have to do with the cervical spine in the ICD-10-CM book and are used in diagnostic radiology coding. I may talk about that in a different post though 🙂 For now though, there's this post about the M50 series that you can review.

Thanks for reading.

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