Coding Tip- Always Follow Client Guidelines

Ok, well this might be a no-brainer, but always follow client guidelines. I know you already have to think about all of the ‘real’ coding guidelines, but that does not mean that clients don’t have their own that you must follow too. This makes your job as a coder a little more difficult because there’s more to remember, but eventually you’ll be able to code and your clients guidelines will become second-nature.

So, what am I talking about exactly? Most clients that I’ve coded for have their own set of rules. I’m not saying that these contradict real coding guidelines, but basically clients have rules too. For example, there may be guidelines on whether or not to use the LT/RT modifiers or modifier 50. There may be client guidelines on what to do if the report has documentation issues, or if some info is completely missing. You should know if your client wants outside reads coded because some do, some don’t. A very important one you should know is whether or not your client needs you to add modifier 26 or not. You will get this info before you start actually working for the client. They should send you a pdf or another document specifying their guidelines.

There could be many different client guidelines and the ones I mentioned are just a few that are possible. Always remember to check your client coding guidelines if you come across a situation that you’re unfamiliar with and you will hopefully find the answers to your questions. If not, then the best thing to do would be to contact your lead coder/coding manager for clarification.



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