What Is Diagnostic Radiology Coding?

If you’ve ever been to the ER for an injury or sickness, you’ve most likely had an x-ray done. A radiologist had to interpret and read that x-ray, and then dictate a report. Once the report is finalized it has to be coded and then billed.

A diagnostic radiology coder is a someone who is trained and specializes in coding different types of radiology procedures, including: x-rays, ct scans, mri’s, ultrasounds, duplex scans, dexa scans, mammograms just to name a few. It is a small compartment of the medical coding world, but it is also very interesting from a coding point of view. You code many different procedures with different diagnoses, so it is not boring at all!

To see a quick overview of how to look up radiology codes in the cpt book, click here.


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