Midnight Medical Coding is owned and managed by Lindsay Della Vella BS, COC. Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable educational materials related to diagnostic radiology coding. We supply free youtube tutorials, blog posts, discussions on social media, and practice radiology coding exercises. Our main products are diagnostic radiology coding classes due to be released in January 2019.

To have a bright future in the medical coding world, you have to be educated. But not only that, you have to know what you’re doing right from the beginning. It can be very intimidating your first day on diagnostic radiology coding job. This website was created with the hope that a new coder could find everything they need in one place. Need a list of common diagnostic radiology codes? Got it! Want to watch a webinar and learn something new? Got it! What about a practice coding test? Got it! Here you will find all that and more.

Once you spend some time browsing here, you will no doubt be a better diagnostic radiology coder!