Tabs For The ICD-10-CM Book

I was thinking about “coding hacks” that make my life easier. For my job as well as many others out there, coding speed is an important factor. We have to code a certain amount of charts in a certain amount of time. This can be tough to do especially if you rely solely on your books. But it’s a catch 22 because I WANT to rely on my books.

I’ve done way too many audits where the codes were chosen buy an engine. These codes were incorrect for a variety of reasons–laterality, order of codes, or just completely wrong for no apparent reason. All of this has led me to use my coding books when I do my coding.

So I made these tabs and it is a lifesaver. I can code faster because I can find the codes quicker. Also, what I like best about the tabs is that they are double-sided so I can see all parts of the book without flipping back to the beginning. This is good for coders already working, but I think this might be especially beneficial to people taking their coding exams.

So I decided to make more of these and make them available to other coders who can benefit.

There are 60 pre-printed, multi-colored, double-sided tabs included,

for $14.99.

Please see the pics below!

To purchase, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Tabs For The ICD-10-CM Book

This product contains 60 pre-printed, double-sided tabs for the ICD-10-CM book.


This item is in production and will ship on August 28, 2018.

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